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Managing your natural resources is an important concern for your community. We can solve your natural resource challenges. Rather than merely producing a report, ESI Consultants, Ltd. strives for a process of planning with an integrated approach that is often the key to these challenges. We understand the changing regulatory environment. This includes reviewing activity, educating your community, obtaining consensus and building constituencies. ESI helps manage your big picture and can resolve conflicts that often exist within your community. In partnership with state, local and federal regulators, ESI will protect your resources and interests. We focus on enhancing the natural attributes of a site, demonstrating sensitivity to the environment while creating a functional plan. ESI is dedicated to satisfying your unique needs.
Representative Services:
– Water Resources
– Environmental Impact Statements
– Section 404 Permitting
– Maintenance & Monitoring
– Air Quality Analysis
– Noise Quality Analysis
– Floodplain/Floodway Studies
– FEMA Map Revisions
– Flood Control/Mitigation Design
– Irrigation Systems
– Floodplain/Floodway Management
– Wetlands Delineation and Permitting
– CPESC & DECI Certified
Using innovative approaches, ESI Consultants, Ltd. seeks common sense, practical solutions that meet the project objectives, while remaining sensitive to the environment; providing an aesthetically and economically successful project. Working with the environment that is around us, we can build a better community.
Natural Resource Projects:
North Aurora Riverfront Viability Study North Aurora Riverfront Viability Study
Long Grove Village Wide NPDES Monitoring Long Grove Village Wide NPDES Monitoring
Aurora Township Drainage Study Aurora Township Drainage Study
Gilberts Stormwater Management Study Gilberts Stormwater Management Study



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